Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Australia Remembers: Madang

In 1995 the Australian Government funded a tour of PNG, the 'Australia Remembers' tour. Diggers boarded a ship and were transfered by plane across PNG for a series of memorial services. My grandfather proudly participated in the tour. He visited late mates at Bomana War Cemetery 19km from PoM.

My grandfather also visited Madang where we stayed during our visit to PNG.

PNG is a very unstable country at present. Among other things there are two 'Presidents' - Sumare and O'Neill both believe they are 'in charge.' The country is also due to have an election soon. Some 120 seats of parliament are being fought over by 4000 candidates!

I wanted to visit Bomana but it just wasn't safe enough for me even with a car and security.

Coastwatchers Hotel, Madang, 1995 and below: outside Coastwatchers Hotel May 2012


Coastwatchers Service, Madang, 1995 and below Coastwatchers Memorial, May 2012

Madang Cultural Centre & Museum, 1995 and below in May 2012

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