Thursday, March 10, 2016

queensland: mission beach

From Babinda Boulders we headed south. We'd really wanted to see western Queensland and it was difficult to decide whether to stay on the coast or head inland. We had to carefully consider what we wanted to do. We were meeting friends a few days later in Airlie so it would have been impractical to head west only to turn around and go back to the coast.

Western Queensland is a trip we will do sometime though. We were surprised that we enjoyed visiting little inland towns so much. There are always things to see too- not just the towns themselves. I believe we've really seen so much diversity on the trip. When I here politics on the radio I o think about all these little communities being represented. After all this country is so much more than Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and the people who inhabit the cities.

A family we met at Rocky Creek Memorial Park between Atherton and Mareeba recommended a stay at Mission Beach on our way south. 

The council run caravan park charges $21 a night for an unpowered site and $24 for powered. We chose the unpowered option and had a site a stone's throw from the beach (only slightly further away than our site at Wonga Beach). We've found that generally unpowered sites are better if you can power yourselves. Sometimes they'll have water but our two 95 litre water tanks were plenty. Powered sites are often closer to the water or tucked in to a bit of bush whereas the powered ones have to be up close to power supply and you'll be crammed in with other caravanners.

Our two night stay didn't feel long enough so we extended by another night. It was on the third night that we met a family from the United States travelling with two of their three children. We got chatting and realised we all knew another travelling family from the U.S. We really enjoyed the company of Phil and Amanda and so we loosely planned to catch up with them further down the road - as in - we agreed that it would be great to hang out again and we were heading in the same direction and we might go to the same places but maybe at different times but if we saw each other again that would be great and we might keep in contact. That's what it's like on the road! 

Each morning (once even before breakfast) we'd go straight out on to the beach which looks out towards Dunk Island. The kids would play in the ocean. Though the coast's economy is dependant on tourism it doesn't have that crowded feeling that other popular places have. 
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