Thursday, March 10, 2016

queensland: cairns, kuranda

J lived in Cairns years ago during his first years in the navy. The hotel where he lived for the year is still there, looking weathered. He was excited about showing us around.

We stayed with some dear friends - whom we met at mothers group when our eldest boys were babies. It was so fun for us to hang out with the adults and listen to the kids and their elaborate games - like they'd never been apart. They'd also just welcomed the most gentle boxer dog in to their family and we enjoyed getting to know him too.

We also managed to catch up with a few other friends too and we had babysitters (thanks Lisa) so we had another night out! Was that 2 nights in 11 months?

Cairns was a social time with two dinners out with friends and lots of catching up with friends. It was good fun!

When their boy left for school it was the first time we'd heard B eager to go back to school. 

From Cairns we had a day trip to Kuranda and Din Din, Barron Falls. The walk from the carpark through the forest was beautiful - and suitable for kids. 

Apparently Kuranda used to be a lot less touristy but we enjoyed a stroll through the markets all the same. We enjoyed our visit to the Butterfly Sanctuary. It was pretty special seeing the butterfly nursery and the butterfly larvae in various stages - each a day older. B had a particularly friendly butterfly land on his head and stay on even while he danced. Our boy, who is obsessed with animals, was thrilled. It wasn't long before his sister had a turn.  

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