Thursday, March 10, 2016

queensland: fitzroy island

After months and months living in the confines of the caravan with a family of five it's hardly surprising that everyone needs a little space. J was obliging and I took the opportunity to have TWO NIGHTS ON MY OWN on the stunning Fitzroy Island while he had the kids.

I took the ferry across one afternoon after finding a good last minute deal for accommodation. There's only one resort on the island but there's also camping facilities. I'd love to do that with the kids and J one day. Once I'd dumped my bags (with few clothes, swimmers and books!) I walked the coastal walk through the rainforest and up to the lighthouse. What a beautiful awe-inspiring view it was. As you come out of the rainforest the views out to the extensive sea remind you of your small significance on earth. I took a detour up to the highest point of the island - scrambling through enormous boulders. From the lookout I could see right out in to the ocean and back to the coastline. It was spectacular and I'd love to go back!

I hardly took any photos. I just wanted to BE.

Anyone who has been to Fitzroy would understand what an understated place it is. The last thing I wanted on a mini-break was to be crowded in a space and paying mega-bucks to stay on an island decimated by tourists. Fitzroy Island is eco-conscious. Sadly you can still the devastation to the coral off the island but I think you'd be hard-pressed to find a place so close to shore that hasn't been. 

Two days was enough time to read, snorkel, finish a meal uninterrupted and even get in the water for two SCUBA dives. I didn't see a lot but I was so pleased to dive again after over a year hiatus. 

Returning to the mainland was a delight as the kids were wrapped their arms around me. I did miss them all but I was so pleased to have some quiet time. 

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