Friday, May 15, 2015

western australia: sandy cape

I can safely say that Sandy Cape Recreational Park has been added to our growing list of favourite camps. It's a free camp 12km north of Jurien Bay (and 8km west on a well maintained dirt road). I suspect the nearby sand mines are responsible for the upkeep of the road and there were a few of non off-road campers. There's a loo, dump point and bins. 

The cost to stay at Sandy Cape is $15/n per van regardless of the number of people staying which is an unusual but welcome way to charge campers. As a family of five we are frequently paying for our eldest two kids who are only four and six and whom don't use a lot of water or power. 

Regardless of cost the site is simply beautiful and we happened to snaffle the best site, Site 1 Shady Reatreat, right on the beach!

The kids could explode from the van in the mornings and head straight on to the beach. On the days when we had to knuckle down and get schoolwork done B could jump up for a break down on the water. In one such break he announced "I'm going on to the beach to fish. You can watch Mum but I know how to cast." 

There's a four night limit at Sandy Cape. Needless to say we would have stayed weeks. 

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