Monday, May 4, 2015

south australia: perlubie beach

Pandurra Station to Streaky Bay is a decent drive with the kids so we made sure we stopped for a play in the park at Minnipa! And there was Tully and his folks again! Now we don't know who was following who but it was nice to see familiar faces!!

If we'd had the time we would've visited Pildappa Rock. Apparently it's a delightful place to stay. Our list of places to visit on our next trip is getting longer! 

We stopped in at Streaky Bay which was our last stop at a supermarket before hitting the bitumen across the Nullabor. I made sure we stocked up on fresh veggies (including carrots, sweet potato and corn which can be taken across the border) and frozen veggies because I knew we'd miss them in the few days from the WA border to the next supermarket. 

Oh and another tip. Fill up with diesel at Poochera. Streaky Bay was an extra 20c litre which adds up!

If you can free camp then Perlubie Beach is a place you'll want to stay. If you have the right gear you can even camp right on the beach. We arrived at Perlubie late in the afternoon and found ourselves a spot in the carpark just behind the beach. J remarked "I reckon we could get the van on to the beach. Might be an adventure." As we were planning to leave as early as possible the following morning it wasn't really an adventure I was comfortable with. We settled with a compromise and ate dinner on the beach after the boys explored the caves on the western end. What a spot!

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