Sunday, May 17, 2015

western australia : lynton station

Linga Longa at Lynton Station - Western Australia's first convict depot north of Freo - has an well documented and interesting history. It was established in 1853 for its proximity to the Geraldine lead mine. We stayed overnight at Lynton for $30 for the family in a powered site. The station has showers and toilets. 

You can spend a couple of hours exploring the original homestead, which was recently historically listed, the windmill and other buildings on the property. Caretaker Vic will tell you the story behind the settlement. 

If you're umming and ahing about spending $10 on a fly net you'll be thankful you do from here to Kalbarri. The flies are shocking. I wouldn't mind them quite so much if they didn't want to suck my eye juice and swim in my mouth! 

The road from Lynton to Kalbarri winds around the picturesque pink lake where the algae is harvested for its use in medicines. 

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