Thursday, May 29, 2014

Bali & back in the kitchen

We were away in Bali last week (more on that in frture posts) and I was just busting to get back in the kitchen after tasting and cooking some great food. Being inspired by new flavours and combinations and influences always leaves me hankering to cook in my little kitchen.

With the impending birth of Baby #3 (in four or so weeks) I am keen to stock up the freezer with ready-made meals too.

After flying in first thing Saturday morning, it didn't take me long to kick in to gear. This week I've made:

Pesto (Thermomix)

Two litres of roasted tomato passata (see recipe post) for our pesto/tomato pasta dinner (and plenty for the freezer)

Nigella's Chocolate Pear Pudding
note: I used fresh, peeled Bosce pears but the tinned ones would have made for a more moist pudding. You could reduce the cooking time if using fresh pears.

Nachos: meat and bean. I chopped the veggies (carrot, zucchini) and cheese in the Thermomix.

Yoghurt - recipe from the Thermomix Everyday Cookbook
note: I set mine overnight - in the oven (switched off) where it can't be bumped.

Sausages with (thanks to the Thermomix) steamed veggies (carrot and brussel sprouts) and mashed potato and sweet potato.

I tried my hand at repeating two of the dishes I learned at a cooking class I attended at our resort last week - the traditional bumbu paste and peanut satay sauce (recipe to come). The Thermomix was very handy when it came to chopping and blending the ingredients but I'd still like to get my hands on a wide, shallow stone mortar used in Bali.

I've portioned the bumbu in snap-lock bags for the freezer and the satay is in the fridge. There was a little sataythat wouldn't fit in the jar so I'm marinating some tofu in it in the fridge.

A moussaka (see my recipe post) is slow cooking in the oven too. This will be added to my freezer collection.
Notes: Thermomixers - you need to know that you can cut down the prep time for this by A LOT. Use the recipe for bechamel sauce from the EDC and you can shred the lamb in the TM - speed 3/2secs. It would be easy to over-shred so be careful. 

Tonight we're having a fennel, leek and mushroom risotto.

Tomorrow I'd like to make some of Ottolenghi's fish cakes (with some fish J caught) and a leek and fetta tart for dinner with salad. That's the plan anyway!

The Thermomix makes short work of bumbu paste.

Satay Sauce

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