Wednesday, April 16, 2014

the case of the missing golf balls

I'm relaxing in the shed and I can hear our kids' voices echoing through the paddocks. They've been commenting since the sun rose how much they love staying at the farm. 

Me: "What's your favourite thing to do at the farm?" 
The unanimous response "ride the quad bike."

Today they're on a mission. During our last visit to the farm J had hit a dozen, or so, golf balls down the paddock only to discover, the following morning, that they had disappeared. 

A clue to their whereabouts was seen this morning during breakfast. A sneaky raven swooped down and made off with one in its beak and then returned to survey the remaining golf balls. 

B (5yo) decided it was time to devise a plan and he thoughtfully considered the options. 

a) Guard the balls.  
b) Find where the raven went or, 
c) Watch and wait for the raven's return and watch to see where he flew off to. 

He decided to go with c) and I suggested he might like to draw his plan so that, when the expedition to find the golf balls took place, everyone would know what to do. 

Here's what he came up with. 

1. B, P and J follow the raven on the quad bike. 

"We only have one problem. We can't fly but the raven can. I know - we just have to keep up with him."

2. Find the tree where the raven lives. 
3. Send Daddy climbing up the tree. 
4. Get Daddy to retrieve the golf balls from the nest.

An hour has passed and I can hear the quad bike coming back up through the paddocks now. My guess is the original plan may not have come to fruition but it will be interesting to hear what they have been up to. 

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