Wednesday, April 9, 2014

funny food faces

Inspired by Homemade Healthy Happy's Mexican mushroom stacks last night I decided to incorporate a simpler version (I had even less time than Sarah) into our dinner faces for the kids tonight.

My first memory of the squeaky cheese, haloumi, was when I was studying at university and working in a cafe in Belconnen, Canberra. While we only had three staff I loved the little cafe. First up, of a morning, we'd prepare dozens of sandwiches and drive to the offices on streets near The Mint where we'd sell the sandwiches from cane baskets for public servants' lunches. Interestingly haloumi was included in the vego sandwiches, uncooked. It was delicious and salty but I'm pleased to have discovered the pan-fried version!

Years on and I'll always think of the Wildberry Cafe and my regular customers - in their offices and at the cafe, when I cook haloumi. 

Firstly I fried off some organic garlic and organic onion with a little olive oil. I added the mushrooms and cooked for about four minutes, flipping them after about two minutes. I added a tablespoon of water to the pan after frying (mushies suck up moisture and I found there was no oil left in the pan). I cooked the haloumi around the mushrooms and when it was brown on both sides I moved the contents of the pan off the heat.

The rest of the face is self explanatory but as simple as this idea is our kids always find this presentation of food appealing!

Miss May Blossom

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