Tuesday, April 15, 2014

foraging on the farm

We're spending some time (out) on the farm this week.

I've brought everything we need in terms of food (four crates worth) so we won't need to head in to town unless we really want to. 

We decided, after the last trip, that on this visit to the farm we'd make a sourdough starter that way it would be fed from beautiful fresh, coastal air instead of smoggy polution-filled Sydney air. I'm using the River Cottage Australia method (since we're in River Cottage country down here). We've got a week here so hopefully long enough to get it started. You can follow it's progress on my facebook page.

This morning J and the kids went out in the paddocks to see of there were any blackberries. They came back with a (child's) handful each of blackberries and wild figs. They also brought back nettles and some beautiful big mushrooms! 

Lunch today - homemade pizzas with mushrooms, blanched (could have been for longer - we had a couple of little tickles!) nettle, haloumi & organic tomato. 

I love a helper in the kitchen! 

We still have a bucket full of nettle so I've made pasta for dinner and we'll have fresh nettle pasta. 

Have you ever cooked with nettle? I'd be interested to hear how you've used it in the kitchen! 

You can read more about eating weeds here: 



  1. Nettle Soup! i lived on a sheep station on the Southern Tablelands where nettle was an indicator of 'good soil'. In a tiny sheltered corner off the meatroom was a triangular patch of nettle thriving dark green and plump. The merest brush past these plants would bring out itchy welts; it is tricky to pick! Gardening gloves and determination pay off; if you grab the stem low enough and unhesitatingly you can get away without a rash. Hence the saying 'grasp the nettle'. After all that I made Nettle Soup, but it was so long ago i can't recall any particular detail about the cooking. It would have been the standard sauteed onion & garlic base, chuck in herbs & vegies and rainwater recipe.

  2. Thanks for sharing this recipe Olive. I love a good story behind food too!! We ate pasta with nettle pesto tonight (I'll post this later) but I'm keen to make some soup so might send the kids out again (with their gloves) to gather more!

  3. I'd be interested to hear which farm, Olive. I was born in the shearer's quarters next to the sheds on Carwoola Station.