Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Until a few months ago I hadn't heard of za'atar. Like when you buy a new car and you suddenly see 'them' everywhere I have been spotting it in recipes and restaurants.

Za'atar isn't dissimilar to dukkah. It's a blend of spices and herbs and sesame seeds.

A friend took me to the most incredible supermarket - and by supermarket I do not mean like the big two supermarkets. This compared to no other I've seen - in Northcote, Melbourne. Terra Madre stocks the most extensive range I've seen of quality and organic products - at prices that are, in some cases, less than the big two. I was in heaven!

I wanted to grab a couple of things- cacao beans and sumac. Sumac is a vital ingredient for za'atar and it's a very easy recipe - and good for entertaining.



1/4 cup sesame seeds
20g cumin seeds

10g thyme, dried
10g oregano, dried
20g sumac


Dry roast the sesame seeds in a medium-hot frying pan for a few minutes until the sesame just start to change in colour. Place in the TM with the remaining ingredients. Process until all ingredients (except the sesame seeds) are consistent in size (about 10 secs/speed 10).

Za'atar is best served with fresh Italian bread and good quality extra virgin olive oil and in perfect for entertaining. Store in a dry airtight container.

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