Friday, November 1, 2013

my own enchanted broccoli forest

basic soil mix + chook poo + straw + guinea pig poo

These flowers are almost ready to eat...

Two weeks on...

I'm pretty pleased with my broccoli harvest this morning! There's a good three meals here. These were grown from seedlings and now we can use the space in the garden for something else!

We ate these florets in three meals:

* accompanying a beautiful baked barramundi (Jamie Oliver rock salt style) and a huge salad. We shared this meal with 'climate refugees' who escaped Sydney's Blue Mountains during a week of property and life threatening bush fires. Fortunately their home was spared and they were able to return home a couple of days later. We spent a lovely evening eating and drinking and distracting them from the fires which was the upside!

* in a true (lazy) meat and three veg style with mashed potato, organic sausages. Oh - make that meat and two veg. Not an ideal meal.

* steamed on top of a huge tuna salad mountain!

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