Friday, October 2, 2015

queensland: mareeba, atherton, tablelands

In the nine months we'd been travelling we'd not heard such enthusiasm from the back seat as when we drove the windy road in to the Tablelands from Undara.

"Can we LIVE here?" 
"We love it!" 

It was the first time any of us had seen such lush greenery in a very long time. We opened the vent in the car and breathed in fresh, clean, damp air. 

Mareeba, famous for its pineapples and we bought a few sweet, juicy ones for $2.50 a piece. B was also completing a study on the production of peanut butter which tied in nicely with a visit to The Peanut Place. 

The Rocky Creek Memorial Park free camp was a good place to set up for a couple of nights while we visited Atherton and Mareeba. Overnight visitors are expected to leave a donation. 

A serious restock of our fridge was needed and for the first time in many months we could buy fresh, fresh veggies and fruit. The Termite Fruit and Veg shop was our first port of call but even the op shop in town sold bananas! We picked up half a kilo of the most delicious dried mango for $25. Though a big outlay it proves to be vital to have good snacks in the car save the children simply "die of hunger!"

As well as the fridge the liquor cabinet was looking dry so we took the excuse to buy locally distiller scotch and gin from Mount Uncle Distillery. These guys are producing award-winning spirits. The gin is packed full of Australian botanicals and to drink it with tonic water is to defeat the purpose of the delicate flavours. I'm drinking mine with lime juice and soda. Not right now, of course. I'll wait until 5pm!

Rifle Creek free camp is just outside of Mount Molloy on the road from Mareeba to Wonga Beach. We made a planned reverse trip the morning after we stayed - to Kah Veh Cafe and Fine Foods in Mount Molloy. Kah Veh brews a mean coffee. They make tasty raw treats and sell a range of locally produced fruit and veggies.

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