Friday, April 10, 2015

victoria: great ocean road, Otway NP, kennett river

Our kids are so lucky (though they don't quite appreciate it yet). We've seen more koalas in the past week than we've seen in J and my lifetimes combined. 

We had booked four days in Kennett River with dear friends but unfortunately they were unable to come at the last minute. It was something we'd all been so looking forward to but these things happen. 

We decided to go anyway. Kennett River CP is well protected in southerlies. The beach was great for our kids and we had the park almost to ourselves after the weekend. 

We also met some really lovely locals - who we ended up staying with for two nights! It's amazing being on this adventure. We just don't know what each day will hold and we know we'll stay in contact with our new friends. 

One eventful (and very wet) evening, on our return from Lorne for dinner, we pulled over because a koala was sipping from a puddle on the side of the road, and making its way closer and closer to the road. We hesitated but decided to move it. A few people stopped to help persuade it to move (unsuccessfully) but a local pulled over, grabbed it by its rump & the back of the neck and took it off in to the bush. Despite what we'd predicted the koala wasn't fazed at all and certainly not aggressive. 

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