Sunday, December 21, 2014

the big lap: around Australia

I wrote this post a few weeks ago....

We've ticked off a few jobs this past fortnight. Considering we leave in three weeks it's probably a good thing! 

We've put our car on the market which is fairly sad. We bought the VW van three years ago and just love it but we can't tow with it so sadly she has to go! Fingers crossed for a quick sale!

A fortnight ago B and I went in to Surry Hills to the school of Distance Education where we met with Bs new teacher. She'll send us work fortnightly including the materials needed to complete tasks. I'm so impressed with this system. As many of you know I'm a teacher and anxious that B doesn't miss out on formal education. Some of you may not know but our NSW curriculum is on a continuum so it's important children don't miss chunks of work as it may mean they don't grasp concepts further down the track. 

I'd like to hear from any other families doing distance Ed. There is a lot of work to get through - as much as there'd be in any classroom - but there will be many distractions on the road. I like the idea of doing work early in the morning after brekky so we can get on with the day. I could coincide this with the baby's sleep because I'd have to be at the van anyway. Watch this space!

We're having a little get together with a few friends early in January before we go. It's going to be sad to say goodbye but we'll be back!

Here's another little thing I did this week. 

My friend Kate is a Tupperware consultant and I've bought a few lightweight, compact containers & useful kitchen equipment for the trip. You can just imagine how excited I am about getting the kitchen sorted! 

Yesterday our annexe was ordered! J drove to Calga to Express Annexes. For some reason the caravan company couldn't give me the dimensions of the van including the awning so he had to take the caravan too. Winston talked him through all the options - fabrics, colours, layout etc. Winston has been recommended by a few people onFacebook forums and he's been great. We were conscious that we wanted to use quality products and Australian canvas.

Finally, our removal date has been confirmed and we'll be out of this house before the 10th January! We can't quite believe it. I must remember to inform the utility companies! While we won't miss aspects of this house, namely the deteriorating interior, it has been a great house for kids. We are close to J's work, the local shops and school, preschool and so many great beaches! The yard has been perfect for the kids, chooks & guinea pigs. Our children have spent their infancies here and I've been pregnant with two of them in this house so it will always hold special memories for us.  

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